“I wish I’d had this book when I was first diagnosed; a must-read for any woman facing the fear of breast cancer treatment.”

-JULIE AIGNER CLARK, cancer survivor and author of the children’s book You Are the Best Medicine


“A Diary of Healing is bigger than a ‘cancer story’. It is the story of every woman who, when presented with the unimaginable, has cried, laughed, prayed, and reached for chocolate; and who, in doing so, has exemplified Mary Ann’s personal mantra, “For it is when I am weak that I am strong.” If you’ve been longing for a friend to share your journey, you’ve found one.”

-FRANCES COLE JONES, author of How to Wow: Proven Strategies for Selling Your (Brilliant) Self in any Situation


“A Diary of Healing…is a beautiful story of courage, hope and inspiration, told by a woman who confronted, and confronts, her illness head on. Its beautiful message that honestly confronting your worst fears can lead to new life, even if things don’t turn out the way you planned, is a gift to those who are facing serious illness.”

-FR. JAMES MARTIN, SJ, author of The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything


“Mary Ann does not just hold on to hope, she cultivates a garden of it using humor, prayer and sheer gumption. All who have experienced cancer themselves or in a loved one, live with the constant fear of recurrence, Mary Ann’s story replaces paralyzing fear with a flourishing garden of hope reminding us all that the point is to indeed live and when at all possible to do so wearing incredible shoes!”

-SHARON M.K. KUGLER, University Chaplain, Yale University


“Mary Ann Wasil approaches breast cancer with a fiercely positive attitude surrounded by the light of her faith. Her book gives the reader a glimpse into the world of the breast cancer survivor guided by someone who is completely honest about her fears but doesn’t dwell in them. There is a positive message here and a true gift to the world of survivorship. Mary Ann Wasil gives true meaning to her words…hope lives!”

-ANGELIQUE L’AMOUR, breast cancer survivor, wife, mother, daughter (of Louis L’Amour) author of A Trail of Memories


“In A Diary of Healing, Mary Ann offers a heartfelt, upbeat, easy-to-read tale of her cancer journey. You will laugh and cry with her, cheered by her perseverance and moved by her positive power.”

-MARION MORRA, co-author, CHOICES, The Most Complete Sourcebook for Cancer Information


“As I read A Diary of Healing, I was overwhelmed with the realization that faith and gratitude for life can change even the scariest adventures in our lives. She is proof that God can lighten any load and can make any misfortune a way to be of service to others. Everyone who has had or knows someone who has had breast cancer should read this book. It is a chronicle of faith, love and service as a way to get through life’s vicissitudes.”

-TAYLOR MILLER, Nina Cortlandt, actress, All My Children 1979-1989


“A Diary of Healing is not just a story of endurance — it’s a road map for anyone dealing with cancer who wants to navigate their journey with grace, spunk, and good humor. Mary Ann will show you the way! Read this book if cancer is part of your life or the life of someone you love.”

-BARBARA CORCORAN, American businesswoman, investor, speaker, business consultant, syndicated columnist, television personality, (TODAY Show and Shark Tank) and author of Use What You’ve Got


“When Mary Ann was diagnosed with breast cancer she began a daily letter of gratitude…. imagine, taking the time to be thankful at such a life changing time.

It is we who are grateful to Mary Ann for sharing so openly her story of strength and inspiration so that we all may face the daunting challenges that life throws in our path.”

-DONNA ORENDER,CEO, Orender Unlimited, former WNBA president


“A Diary of Healing is astonishing – honest, funny, emotional, I could hear Mary Ann’s voice, and see her face, while reading. I cannot wait for others to hear her, too.”

-ANDREA SILBER,MD, Medical Oncologist, St. Raphael Hospital, New Haven, CT


“Mary Ann is a shiny bright light of optimism, yet deeply honest in how she is facing her diagnosis and treatment.”

-SUE GLADER, author of the children’s book Nowhere Hair, breast cancer survivor


“A Diary of Healing is so witty, touching, and spirit-filled, it is hard to put down! This book…will truly help patients face the delicate and personal concerns regarding mastectomy, reconstruction, and chemotherapy.”

-DR. BARBARA WARD, Medical Director of the Breast Center at Greenwich Hospital


“A rare and personal diary with the potential of healing and comforting, of educating all who are moved by Mary Ann’s journey.”

-FRANCES HESSELBEIN, President & CEO, The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute


“Mary Ann Wasil’s compelling story documents the twists and turns of her “intense and meaningful life with cancer.” With honesty and disarming humor Wasil has written an engaging narrative that inspires and engenders hope. Through it, we too “get in touch” with the heart of love and the invincible spirit that give life meaning.”

-REVEREND ALLIE PERRY, D.Min., pastoral counselor, peace activist


“Every one of us is dying. How many of us are living? Mary Ann shows us that ‘there is life right in the middle of cancer’ and provides the roadmap to live our lives with passion, gratitude, awareness and joy.”

-KERRY A. ROBINSON, Executive Director, National Leadership Roundtable on Church Management


“A Diary of Healing will help countless women across the nation by showing them that it’s ok to talk about their breast cancer and what they’re going through, and that we can lift each other up by sharing our stories.”

–U.S. REP. DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ, Florida’s 20th Congressional district, breast cancer survivor


“A Diary of Healing is a very funny, very real, extremely moving story that evokes involuntary laughter and tears — often at the same time.”

-REBECCA LOBO, ESPN basketball analyst, former women’s basketball player in the WNBA, and co-author of The Home Team with her mother, the late RuthAnn Lobo


“A Diary of Healing is the extremely personal account of Mary Ann Wasil’s journey with breast cancer, and delivers a message of sincere hope and courage.  Mary Ann is an inspiration to all women who are afraid to conquer even the smallest obstacles in life.  A Diary of Healing conveys valuable life lessons that can be used to inspire every type of woman in their everyday life.”

JAN MILLER, Literary Agent


“A Diary of Healing is honest, real, scary and hysterically funny and I feel honored to have read it.  I know anyone who picks it up will feel the same way.”

JESSICA PODOSHEN, The Oprah Magazine


“Cancer is not a gift.  This book is.  For any woman entering this battle,  A Diary of Healing is an honest, hopeful story of resilience in the face of a diagnosis that every woman dreads.”

JULIE AIGNER CLARK, Cancer survivor and author of the children’s book You Are the Best Medicine


“Mary Ann Wasil’s hilariously touching account of her battle with breast cancer will have you laughing even as you’re reaching for the tissue box.”

MEG CABOT, Author of The Princess Diaries and Size 12 and Ready to Rock