What’s YOUR Riptide?

Check out "What's YOUR Riptide?"- my August 2015 blog post for Generation W.

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My “Felix Culpa”

My "Felix Culpa," or "fortunate fault" is definitely the cancer-hand I've been dealt...it was an honor to be interviewed by Lisa Fletcher Corrado and be part of The Felix Culpa Project. Nothing makes me happier than to see this piece referred to as a "feel-good" story...take THAT, cancer!! You can listen to my interview right here.

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Generation W Inspirer & Blogger

During this last year, the fabulous folks at Generation W invited me to write for their blog on specific topics. Recently, they extended that honor by proclaiming me an "Inspirer," and asked if I would write a monthly piece for that blog and the game-changing-gals that are part of Generation W. Of course I said YES! Here are a few links to my recent blog posts for Generation W - be sure to check out the rest of their website for upcoming events and ways in which you can be a part of Gen W! What Would You Tell Your [...]

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His cross is my cross and my cross is His.

I am one month shy of the four-year anniversary of the diagnosis of my stage four recurrence of breast cancer. If you know me, you have likely cheered me on and chastised me during the last 47 months for squeezing more into each hour, each day, each week, and each month than thought humanly possible. Living with metastatic breast cancer means living with a great sense of urgency. I know life can change in the blink of an eye. I guess I have been trying not to blink. Eleven days ago I had a scan that revealed some new activity [...]

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Don’t roll the dice…

Eleven years ago today I discovered a lump on my left breast after doing a breast self exam. I was 39-years old and wearing a snap-front bra for the first time that was terribly uncomfortable. I went to the ladies room at work and while making the necessary adjustment to the bra I decided that as long as I was there I would do a quick breast self exam. Really? Yes, really. My sister Diane is an oncology nurse and had drilled it into me from an early age that breast self exams save lives and to please be sure [...]

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The Legacy Project

It was an honor to be interviewed by The Legacy Project ... and very sweet to see some of my favorite reflections made into memes! You can read the interview in its entirety right here.

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Love or fear…which do you choose?

I have a dear friend who is an outstanding storyteller. He always offers this disclaimer when he begins a good story that he has made his own: “The pearls are not mine, but the string that holds them together is!” Although the following “pearl” is not mine, the string that dangles this gem before you (aka this blog!) definitely belongs to me! Fr. Paul Keller was the visiting priest a few months ago at my community of faith, St. Thomas More Catholic Chapel at Yale, and the very simple homily and formula for life he shared affected me in a [...]

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Put on “Grace”

  I was honored with an invitation to write a piece about Rethreaded, an organization I was recently introduced to whose mission has become dear to my heart. Rethreaded offers women coming out of a life of sex trafficking, prostitution, addiction and violence the opportunity to “sew a new story.” Click  here if you'd like to read my post and learn more about this life changing organization.

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“Missionary for Truth and Joy”

I'm not exactly a "private" person, so when my friend Sr. Simone Campbell from NETWORK LOBBY asked if I would share my personal story and how my life has been affected profoundly, saved, in fact, by my ability to finally purchase affordable health insurance, I said yes. Simone is one of my life's great personal and spiritual "she-roes."  I have been called plenty of things in my life, (I'm an ex-cop, after all, so just use your imagination...) but when she thanked me for writing this piece and then called me "a great missionary for truth and joy," well, I [...]

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Adventures of a “Guest-Blogger”

I get to meet the most wonderful people in my travels through the world of breast health, breast cancer, education, School Nursing, women's issues, and yep, even yoga. Here are a few links to some "Guest-Blogging" I was invited to do for some really fabulous organizations: Get In Touch with Breast Health - for Life! My good friends at School Health, the leading supplier of school health supplies and equipment to schools, head starts, athletic trainers, and other health professionals for over 50 years, asked me to share the mission of Get In Touch with their ever-growing customer base of [...]

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