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I have NEVER been more alive…how about you?

As October comes to an unusually snowy close here in the Northeast, I find myself in a hotel room in Princeton, New Jersey, waiting for my daughters' rowing team bus to pull in from the University of Virginia for tomorrow's regatta, The Princeton Chase.  The cable is out, the lights are flickering, the snow is falling - not gently, I might add - and I am finally able to "pause" and reflect on the last month. For me, and for The Get In Touch Foundation, October is Breast HEALTH Awareness Month, and like I do each October, I spent the [...]

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“Cut the strings and let me go…I’m weightless…”

My oncologist gave me another day off from chemo today, but my feet took me back to New Haven at the break of dawn, where my soul-sister Kerry Robinson met me, armed with black coffee, dark chocolate, and pink gerbera daisies. I spent the morning in my chair at the window in the Vincent Library of the sacred space of the Thomas E. Golden, Jr. Center at Saint Thomas More, The Catholic Chapel at Yale - my community of faith. Many of you know that I completed my book earlier this year after having won a Hay House/Balboa Press publishing [...]

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This week…my “Chemo-Reprieve!”

A much-needed, one-week, chemo-reprieve…and the view from my back porch this morning greets my barefoot, bath-robed, coffee-in-hand-self with the promise of the first week in the last thirteen in which I can breeeeeeathe….. Chemotherapy is saving my life.  It is also exhausting me.  And my superhero oncologist, in her infinite wisdom and compassionate professionalism, has given me a week off. To rest.  Hmmm…I thought she knew me better than that. I’ll rest.  I promise. We’ve cleaned the yard after “Irene” left a mess, pulled the plants back onto the back porch, and thanked God every day for how lucky we [...]

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“Look where our feet took us today!”

Why, you might ask, am I photographing my feet at each and every one of my weekly chemotherapy treatments? Well, this is how it started... On a break from an event I was hosting in Disney World in early May, I was laying on a hammock on the beach at the Grand Floridian when I looked at my feet, grabbed my iPhone, and snapped this pic on the right...I texted it to my sister Diane with the message, "Wish you were here!" Less than two weeks later, my sister Diane was with me in the hospital's radiology department waiting room [...]

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My “Intense & Meaningful” Life

When my oncologist told me seven years ago with my initial breast cancer diagnosis that my relationship with cancer would be "intense and meaningful," she told me "intense and meaningful" wouldn't always be a good thing, but that it wouldn't always be a bad thing, either.  She was right. Exactly one month ago tomorrow I visited my family physician for a well-visit and mentioned a knot I felt in my left trapezoid muscle, exactly on the spot where my purse straps rest - yes, my over-sized, over-stuffed, over-weight purse - you know the one, it's just like yours. Well, one [...]

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7 years, 7 daisies…

7 years ago today I found a lump on my left breast. If you haven't already picked up on the fact that I am an optimistic gal who always sees the glass half-full, well, let me just remind you that one of my favorite "life-mottos" is: "By celebrating what is right, we find the energy to fix what is wrong." February 4, 2004 may very well be one of the luckiest days of my life.  I was wearing a brand-new snap-front bra and while adjusting it for what seemed like the thousandth time that day, I took the opportunity to [...]

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I'm not keeping this a "secret" - it's just too important NOT to share! I was asked to be a "guest blogger" for the brand new website, "Secret Society of Women." Here is how they describe themselves: "Welcome to our secret society.  Of women.  By women.  For women. A place where we can divulge our deepest secrets about how we look, what we regret, who we fantasize about, what we aspire to do, or whatever else we’ve been keeping inside of us." I'm really honored to be a voice for women in this great big world of breast cancer, or [...]

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Five Whys

It's time. Many of you know that my book, "A Diary of Healing," will be published this year by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House Publishing. My publishing contract, which I received last October at the 2010 California Women's Conference, was the result of a contest I entered after attending the 2009 conference of the same name, run by the indomitable Maria Shriver, then the First Lady of the state of California. Maria's theme for the 2010 conference, her final one as First Lady, was quite simple: "It's Time." Whatever you might be putting off or pushing aside, if [...]

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Balancing Yes & No

Yep, it's been wayyyyy too long since I've added to this blog - but I hope you'll think it's been worth the wait... I know a lot of folks make resolutions this time of year, but I think you should be mindful of doing what's good for you all year long.  Don't just wait until next January if a new goal pops up that can help you feel better or be a better person. My "goal" is to be especially mindful of the difference between selfishness and self-preservation, saying "yes" and saying "no." My breast cancer diagnosis in 2004 was [...]

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6 Years Cancer-Free…

I had a bi-lateral mastectomy six years ago today. I know some of you might think that would be the LAST day I would celebrate, but I strongly believe that the day that removed the final traces of cancer from my body deserves its own party! Believe me, I was no Pollyanna while it was happening, and if you told me that October 13th would one day be "party-worthy," I would have raised an eyebrow.  Or two. But here I am, cancer-free...both my daughters in son in his junior year of high every morning...a warm bed every night...good [...]

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