dice eleven

Eleven years ago today I discovered a lump on my left breast after doing a breast self exam.

I was 39-years old and wearing a snap-front bra for the first time that was terribly uncomfortable. I went to the ladies room at work and while making the necessary adjustment to the bra I decided that as long as I was there I would do a quick breast self exam.


Yes, really.

My sister Diane is an oncology nurse and had drilled it into me from an early age that breast self exams save lives and to please be sure and do mine on a regular basis.

To me, that meant anytime I found myself with my hand inside my bra. Like I did on February 4, 2004.

That discovery led to a negative mammogram, an ultrasound that showed calcifications, a radiologist who told me he “wasn’t worried” because I was “39 with no family history of breast cancer, so let’s just watch it for a year.”

I know my body.

I don’t gamble with my health.

I fired him, found another doctor who did a biopsy and was diagnosed with stage two invasive ductal carcinoma.

Breast cancer.

We need prevention, cures and better treatment, but as my friend, Dr. Kristi Funk from the Pink Lotus Breast Center says so eloquently, “Right now our best defense against breast cancer is early detection.”

Put the dice away. Do your BSE. If you don’t know how, here’s a link to The Get In Touch Foundation that will introduce you to our Daisy Wheel, which will show you how to do a BSE.

It’s not a game. Get In Touch with your body today.

Hope Lives!
(It really does!)