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A Diary of Healing

My Intense and Meaningful Life with Cancer

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What People Are Saying

Mary Ann Wasil’s hilariously touching account of her battle with breast cancer will have you laughing even as you’re reaching for the tissue box.
MEG CABOT, Author of The Princess Diaries and Size 12 and Ready to Rock
A Diary of Healing is honest, real, scary, and hysterically funny and I feel honored to have read it.  I know anyone who picks it up will feel the same way.
JESSICA PODOSHEN, The Oprah Magazine
Cancer is not a gift.  This book is.  For any woman entering this battle,  A Diary of Healing is an honest, hopeful story of resilience in the face of a diagnosis that every woman dreads.
JULIE AIGNER CLARK, Cancer survivor and author of the children’s book You Are the Best Medicine